anime trope episodes: the beach episode, the festival episode, the episode where someone doesn’t know how to cook
western cartoon trope episodes: the episode where someone has several copies of themselves made, the episode where inanimate objects come to life, the episode that is a homage to a movie from the 1950s, the episode where someone is shrunk down to microscopic levels and placed inside the body of another person

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cut up my old denim jacket and decorated it with my favourite pins from the giant bag i got from the thrift store for $3. fuck off shirt is from syndrome

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The ultimate dad joke compilation

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pb | marceline

just to show how amazing they are at cosplay, and how no matter who youare, you an pull any gender off, i would like to say this….one of them are a guy and now im gay xD

we’re both guys actually. surprise haha


Sorry but may I draw your attention to the fact PB’s hair is grayed out where Marcy was biting it?

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"you have nice bone structure" can either mean "i find you aesthetically pleasing" or "you will be a strong warrior in the skeleton war"

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but it’s not about race right?


This is the master post of the new millennium showcasing racism and white supremacy at its finest.

Please stop telling us it’s not about race and to move on cause IT IS and WE WONT until justice is served and equality is established!

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one time when i was 14, i pretended i was sick so i could stay home from school, i pretended i couldn’t talk, and i pretended to have a really sore throat, turned out my mum was really convinced and worried, so she took me to the hospital, i was very shocked when the doctor actually found out i had laryngitis. the next day i couldn’t talk and had a sore throat, oh irony, art thou a bitch.


stay home from school. save your own life.

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After coming out to my mom and some other adults about my genderqueer-ness, I’ve had some doubts about my identity, because sometimes I’m okay with being a woman? But I haven’t been okay with that the past couple months, it’s just immediately after coming out I felt more accepting of my femininity and I guess I just wanted to know if that has happened to anyone else? I also just need time to think on this and to see whether my identity is changed or if I’m just plain confused. A response by someone experienced in this would be really nice